Collection: Handmade Bubble Bath and Bars

Sink into a warm bath full of our naturally infused bubble bath bars or liquids to create the best pick-me-up when you need to unwind and chill out. With our all natural products, you can relax and rejuvenate with all the foam you fancy, without any of the harsh chemicals or sulphates that you’ll find in many mainstream products.

All of our beauty products are made using the best, natural ingredients and essential oils that work to soothe, re-balance and moisturize the skin without leaving it flaky, dry or irritated afterwards. They’re also 100% vegan and cruelty-free which means you can always enjoy your bathing experience without any guilt trip.

We’re passionate about creating better beauty products with quality care and ingredients that help our customers maximize their bath time. From our bubble bath bars, like Sweet Dreams, Lemongrass, or Santa’s Suit, to our bubble liquids, like Caribbean Queen, Clear Out, or our Sleepy Lavender  - we have something for every type of taste and occasion.

And if you’re a bath fanatic like we are, check out our subscriptions where you can sign up and receive a package of goodies from us every month for a ridiculously low price. Plus, you can become a VIP member after the first month where you’ll receive a 20% discount off of all purchases throughout our store!

Forget about those crummy, harsh products you suffer with now. Instead, pamper yourself with premium, natural ones that will enhance your personal time at home while benefiting your skin.

Order yours today and get FREE shipping across Canada and the United States!

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