Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases made through Naturally Vain via our website (www.naturally vain.ca) or purchases made through other websites or sources that are fulfilled by Naturally Vain.

Returns and Refunds - Naturally Vain offers refunds, exchanges and returns on products with some conditions (see below). If you’d like to request one of these services please email support@naturallyvain.ca with details and pictures (if possible) of the issue and/or reasoning behind the request. The customer has 90 days to request a refund, return or exchange after 90 days these options are not guaranteed.

Refund Conditions: Refunds can be issues on orders that are not able to be used or products that have been returned. If your product has been damaged please provide pictures to use to confirm the loss of product. Refunds can be refused by Naturally Vain if we suspect there are fraudulent requests (ex. A high number of previous returns/refunds, recurring issues that haven’t been proven). In a case where a refund is denied the customer will be given sufficient details as to why and will be offered other solutions such as exchanges or store credit. For information on refunds for returned orders please see below.

Return Conditions: Products can be returned if the container still contains at least 75% of product or the product has proven defects or issues. Refunds or exchanges that have been agreed on will be issued upon the return being delivered back to the Naturally Vain warehouse. Naturally Vain can provide the return label at the customers expense unless otherwise specified. (ex. the return label cost will be invoiced to the customer or subtracted from the refund amount).

Exchanges: Exchanges may be offered for products that haven’t been used or opened. Exchanges will only be offered for products of equal to or lesser than the returned product. The replacement products in the exchange will only be shipped out once the original product has been returned to the Naturally Vain warehouse. Naturally Vain can provide the return label at the customers expense unless otherwise specified. (ex. the return label cost will be invoiced to the customer)


Cancellation Policy - If you wish to cancel an order you can do that through your account page. If you are having difficulty with this please contact support@naturallyvain.ca for assistance. Please note once your order has been shipped out we can no longer cancel your order and you will have to look into a return or exchange option (see section above).


Pricing Error Procedures - Naturally Vain reserves the right to cancel any orders where a pricing error has occurred. This includes the use of invalid discount codes or system error. If you receive a pricing error where you believe you have been charged more than you should for a product please contact us at support@naturallyvain.ca and we can assess and resolve the issue.


Shipping Policies - Customers are required to pay shipping on orders unless specified (ex. During a promotion.) Duty charges are the customers responsibility.Customers can select Express services at an additional cost. Not all shipping services come with tracking. Once the package leaves the Naturally Vain warehouse your order is the shipping couriers responsibility and Naturally Vain has no say over shipping times, additional fees, delivery details, etc.

Lost, Delayed or Damaged Shipments - If your package arrives and it is very damaged and the products are damaged as a result please contact us at support@naturallyvain.ca with pictures and we will work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If your package is delayed or you think it may be lost we ask that you reach out to the shipping company first and see what they say. If you get no results please contact us and we will find a solution for the missing package.

Address Changes - Updating and maintaining the shipping and billing addresses is the customers responsibility. If you make an order with the wrong information please contact us at support@naturallyvain.ca as soon as possible, however there is no guarantee we can fix the issue once the product is shipped.